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ATK Ford 302 5.0L Small Block Short Block Engine 2-Bolt Main Flat Top Pistons
Part Number: A05SP08


ATK #SP08 Crate Engine, Short Block, Ford 302 Small Block, 2-Bolt Main, Cast Crank, Hypereutectic Flat Top Pistons, 1-Piece Rear Main Seal, Hydraulic Roller Style, Each. 

Start with a great foundation for your engine build. These ATK street performance short blocks are manufactured using the highest quality parts that will provide you with a great foundation.


* Seasoned hand-picked cores, max bore .040 in. (92-93 Hydraulic Roller)
* Cylinder wall thickness "Sonic Tested"
* Cylinder bores angle corrected to be 90 degrees perpendicular to crank centerline
* Cylinder bore centerline corrected to be exactly centered over crank centerline
* Decks machined parallel to crank centerline
* Right and left side decks machined equal distance from crank centerline
* Main bearing bores align-honed to correct size and straightness
* Cylinders computer-honed to tolerance of .0002 in.
* Cylinders plateau-finished for virtually instant break-in
* Screw-in oil galley plugs installed in place of soft plugs

Rotating Assembly:

* Standard or 10-10, select castings only
* Blacklight magnafluxed
* Stress-relieved and shot-peened
* Indexed and stroke corrected during grinding
* Oil hole chamfered for improved flow
* Super "micro-polish" for superior finish

Notes: 10.1:1 compression ratio with 54cc heads, 9.6:1 compression ratio with 58cc heads, 9.1:1 compression ratio with 64cc heads, and 8.5:1 compression ratio with 69cc heads. This engine requires a 50 oz. external balance damper and flexplate or flywheel. This part is shipped via truck freight, additional shipping charges will apply.

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