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Red Line Oil 70102 Diesel Fuel Catalyst 12 oz.
Part Number: R3170102


Red Line Oil #70102 Fuel Additive, Diesel Fuel Catalyst, 12 oz., Each




Redline Diesel Fuel Catalyst contains powerful high temperature detergents, lubricants and a combustion catalyst. This catalyst reduces smoke dramatically, reduces detonation, and improves fuel economy 4-8% based on fleet and dyno tests. The lubricants can reduce wear in low sulfur fuel by 75%, prolonging injector and fuel pump life. Corrosion inhibitors will help prevent rust and corrosion.


*Designed for use in all diesel engines - compensates for latest low-sulfur fuels
*Diesel Fuel Catalyst and 85 Plus are products with the same chemistry
*Promotes better fuel combustion and fuel system lubrication
*Provides faster ignition, reduced detonation and smoke, improved efficiency.
*Powerful high-temp detergents to clean fuel injectors
*Lubricates O-rings and seals to increase injector pump life, reduces ring friction
*Contains cetane booster for added power benefits
*Use one bottle per tank-treats up to 100 gallons

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